How to protect your home from water damage?

Water, Water, Everywhere: How to Protect Your Home From Water Damage

Did you know that nearly 14,000 water emergencies are happening in the US each day in residential or commercial properties? Whether it’s about water backup, frozen or leaky pipes or clogged gutters, the vital liquid can quickly become your worst enemy and cause damages worth thousands of dollars. How to protect your home from water damage?

Luckily, there are many things you can do to prevent water damage to your house. Serious home water damage is caused when different types of signs are ignored or homeowners don’t perform regular maintenance operations. Here’s what you have to do to prevent water damage in the future.

How to protect your home from water damage?

Unclog Your Gutters

The gutters installed on your house can become clogged with different types of debris and impurities. For example, leaves, small tree branches, and even dead insects can cause massive blockages that prevent rainwater from flowing properly. As a result, you might experience rainwater overflow at some point in the future and this can cause puddles and damages to your house foundation. Make sure that you clean the gutters once or twice a year to prevent such problems.

Install a Water Sensor

You can also install a wireless water leak sensor that detects changes in humidity levels. The sensor can be installed almost anywhere in your house such as in your basement, attic, and other rooms. If the sensor detects a change in humidity, it will sound an alarm that will let you know that there’s a leak somewhere. Water leak sensors are great because they can detect water leaks well before the homeowner does, so it can save thousands of dollars in the long run.

Monitor Your Water Bill

Your water bill can also tell you a lot about the health of your plumbing system. For example, if you experience massive spikes in your water bill, chances are that there’s a leak somewhere. You might also have a problem with water pressure and it needs to be investigated quickly before a pipe can burst and cause damage.

Replace Copper Pipes With More Modern Ones

Most households feature copper pipes installed throughout the walls or underground. These pipes are reliable, but they tend to become rusty and problematic after 10 or 20 years of use. You might want to gradually start replacing those pipes with more modern ones made from tougher materials. This is a long-term project, but it will definitely help you prevent all types of water problems in the future.

Don’t Ignore Leaks

If you hear water droplets hitting the floor, investigate the problem immediately. Chances are that a pipe is leaking somewhere and this can lead to major issues such as mold and mildew. Similarly, look at the ceiling of your roofs and see if you can detect dark patches. These are usually caused by water that slowly infiltrates your walls. Don’t ignore these signs as they are usually the “symptoms” of a serious water problem.

Now You Know How To Prevent Water Backup And Water Leak Damage!

Water backup and leaks might not only damage your personal belongings, but they can also cause mold and mildew to grow in your house. A very humid environment is also attractive to all sorts of pests. If you don’t want such problems in the future, make sure that you put the aforementioned tips into practice!

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