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Water Damage Prevention – 4 Places In Your Home at High Risk of Leaks

Many natural forces, such as nearby fires and strong winds, can cause water damage and ruin your home. However, one such force that many homeowners agree to be the most destructive is water. For example, a tidal wave or a flood can completely destroy a house and cause much water damage. This article would shed light on water damage prevention.

That being said, even a simple leak can lead to extensive water damage in a property. To keep your home protected from a deceptively insignificant problem, you must understand which parts of your home are most likely to develop a leak. That way, you can catch the problem as soon as it happens, allowing you to minimize water damage and repair costs.

Water Damage Prevention

1. The shower

Your shower is one of the most water-prone places in the entire household. With so much water running through it, leaks are just begging to happen, especially behind the wall where your shower head attaches.

If leaks occur there, you will need a professional to access the compartment to fix the issue. In the meantime, you can inspect the nearby areas, such as the drains and tiles, to look for more leaks and prevent water damage.

2. The water heater

Water heaters are your source of hot water throughout the home. Because you use them frequently every day, you must have them inspected and maintained regularly.

If your water heater comes with a warranty, you can assume that it will perform well throughout the covered period. Past that, you will need to make an effort into ensuring that the system is fine. This can mean taking a look at the drain valves and the tanks for any signs of a problem. Do this to be prepared and avoid any water damage if it leaks.

3. The washing machine

While leaks in the washing machine are not very common, they still might happen. For example, you might see that water is seeping out from underneath the fixture and wetting the floor around it.

In any case, if you notice water where it is not supposed to be, you need to inspect the machine and possibly have it fixed. Note that water leaks can be the result of poor hose placement, so be sure everything is as it should be before taking more drastic measures. But be sure to check and not run into any water damage situations.

4. The roof

Your roof is exposed to plenty of stress throughout its life. It works hard to maintain the temperatures inside your home and keep the external elements outside. This is possible, thanks to the layer of roof tiles, insulation, and other roof components.

Unfortunately, any roof will deteriorate over time, and leaks can start to occur. These leaks are most noticeable when it rains. If you find moisture or puddles of water in your attic, there is a leaking problem that you will need to fix immediately before further water damage is caused.

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