Mold from Water Damage Ogden


One of the most dangerous and health impacting issues with water damage Ogden is the growth of mold that will inevitably result therefrom. Mold (which can also be referred to as mildew) can grow on most any surface that has been exposed to a moist environment. The growth of mold can appear in white, gray or black irregularly shaped patches. Often the presence of mold in a house is detectible by the strong, musty odor that it produces.

The Health Impacts of Mold Spores

When mold is allowed to grow on a surface it will release its spores into the air. These airborne spores can then land on other surfaces and create new patches of mold. These new patches of mold can then in turn release more mold spores into the air. In this way mold can spread very quickly if steps are not taken to mitigate this process.

Once airborne these mold spores can then be breathed in by the people who occupy the house or structure where the mold is present. Breathing in airborne mold spores can then lead to various and dangerous health conditions. However, it should be noted that different people will have different levels of sensitivity to these mold spores depending on their genetic make up, current state of health or prior levels of exposure to mold.

When a person who is sensitive to mold is exposed to airborne mold spores he or she can then develop various health issues. Often times these health issues resulting from mold exposure include but are not limited to nasal congestion and other breathing problems such as coughing and wheezing. Mold exposure can also cause irritation to both the skin and eyes. Exposure to mold can also result in more severe reactions such as fever and extreme shortness of breath. In the worst case scenarios exposure to mold can result in actual mold infections inside the lungs. It is important to know that mold exposure can cause these reactions in otherwise healthy people. In addition, medical studies have linked mold exposure to the development of asthma in small children. Accordingly, if the presence of mold is detected (either by seeing it or smelling it) in a house it should be addressed immediately in order to avoid any of these potential, detrimental health impacts.

The Places Where Mold Is Likely To Grow

Mold and mildew caused by water damage Ogden will typically grow in warm and humid areas. This areas can be found both indoors as well as outside. Inside houses, the areas where mold usually grows are bathrooms, kitchens or basements. These are the most likely areas where mold can grow inside a house because they are locations most likely to experience moisture either from bath tubs, showers, faucets, toilets or leaking pipes. Basements in particular are susceptible to the growth of mold because poor air circulation makes it difficult for moisture to evaporate once it accumulates there. Outside of houses, mold tends to grow in shady, wet places or specific locations where plants are in the process of decomposing such as a garden or a leaf pile. The health dangers associated with mold exposure is usually more pronounced inside of houses not only because people tend to spend more time in these areas and are thus more likely to be exposed to mold but also because the air is more concentrated inside a house and there tends to be less ventilation as compared with areas outside of a house.

How to Mitigate the Dangerous Impact of Mold

To mitigate the dangerous health impacts of mold and mildew it is best to avoid exposure to the mold and its airborne spores in the first place. The best strategy to accomplish this is take steps to decrease the likelihood of mold initially growing and spreading. To decrease the likelihood of mold growth inside a house homeowners and renters should make sure the humidity levels are controlled through the use of a dehumidifier or through the use of an air conditioner. Ideal humidity levels are between 30% and 50% air concentration. Mold growth can also be controlled through the use of certain paints which contain specific chemicals designed to inhibit the growth of mold. The people who work in your local hardware or paint store are likely to be knowledgeable on this subject and can assist you in the acquisition of these types of paints if you would like additional information. It is also recommended that home owners not install carpeting in potentially damp areas of the house such as the basement or a bathroom so as to avoid the trapping and accumulation of moisture which can then lead to mold growth.

Often times it is difficult to completely eliminate all chances of mold growth inside a house. In the event that mold is discovered it should be cleaned immediately with a bleach solution. It is very important to make sure the house is well ventilated by opening widows and using fans. Home owners should take steps to fix any leaking pipes or dripping fixtures in bathrooms, kitchens, basements or any other location where water carrying equipment exists because even if the mold is successfully removed it may return if the initial conditions that caused the mold to grow are not properly attended to. If renting a house or apartment where mold is detected it is important to contact the land lord or maintenance workers immediately to properly address the situation. If the land lord does not immediately address a mold issue in a rental property this can be grounds to break the lease.

Professional Mold Removal If the mold growth is extensive enough such as is often the case after a flood which has caused water damage Ogden a professional will need to be called to remediate the mold. In these situations the house is typically uninhabitable. When this happens a professional is definitely required because the techniques available to the average person will not be sufficient to remove the mold or prevent it from returning.