Suggestions for preventing air conditioner water damage

Air conditioner leaking is a common problem. If you notice water building up in the air conditioning drain pan then you know that there is a problem. Air conditioners normally have a built in drain for collecting water and getting it outside. But if water starts to accumulate then the air conditioner is not functioning properly. In order to avoid such situation, a number of steps can be taken. Here are some tips which can prevent air conditioner water damage Layton:

Regular maintenance of air conditioner

Have a technician regularly visit your house or office to check the air conditioner. The technician will clear the drain line by blowing. As a result, any dirt that may build up will be removed. The technician will also inspect the emergency drain lines to find out if there are any obstructions. They will check the contactor, coils and the refrigerant pressure as well. If any problem is found anywhere, then you need to have your air conditioner serviced immediately.

Changing the filters regularly

It is important to change the filters every month, if possible. This will clear the drain and prevent water from accumulating inside.

Install an overflow shut off device on the drain line

This device turns off the air conditioner when the drain line backs up. This stops overflowing of water from the pan.
Properly installing the cooling system

You should make sure that your cooling system is set up correctly, with drain pans, evavorator coils, etc. You should make sure that the drain lines are inclined at the right angle so that the water may go out easily. Inadequate slope may result in accumulation of extra water in the drain line.

It is better to be cautious and have a regular check of your air conditioner than being faced with a problem that might cost you a lot of money to fix. These tips can help you keep your air conditioner in good shape all the time.

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